Business opportunity briefing invitation script

Business opportunity invitation script                                          

Incoming call:
Hello, this is _________, how may I help you?

Outgoing call:
Hi my name is ___________, is __________ available?
Hello, this is ____________, I’m a recruiting assistant with a __________ company.

…and I was just calling to ask if maybe you could use an extra $1-300 a week working part time from home?
I was calling/following up to see if you might have your eye out for some part time work?

Ok great… what we offer is legal and identity theft protection and what we do is set you up with your own business.

Most of our associates start working part time… and starting part time with little or no experience, you will probably expect a part time income, but at the same time, many associates earn more than 6 figures.

Also, you do get paid daily, so you could reasonably earn money fast…but like I say, it’s part time spare time, so you just work completely at your own pace as much or as little as you like so that you can work it into any schedule

Now once again my name is____________ and I’m just here to help get more information out about the opportunity.

Of course a lot of people are trying to get information and details on this and the company is growing fast …and so my job is just to let you know we have a top expert from our company who is scheduled to be right there around your area I believe once or twice this next couple/few days just to do a short orientation to explain the details to local candidates…so we’re inviting a few people to the briefing… and as a candidate, I would invite you to be there at the briefing to simply listen in as my guest?!

Now of course you are in/around the _________ metro area right OR
What state/metro area are a near?

(Keep convo going as you look up location and time on your event calendar)

Ok… It looks like I have a time (a couple of times) coming up right there in Location and time A and then I have one other time with a guest speaker in Location and time B! …   now if you have a pen and a paper handy, I can go ahead and give you the information on that (one of those).

(Give time, location with full address and cross streets.)

Also, let give you my phone number so you can get in touch me if there’s any questions afterwards and let me know if you can’t make it for any reason…my number here is _____________ and once again, my name is _____________

Ok great… now remember it is business casual attire so just do what you can and there will be at least one extra seat or two open for you to bring a friend or partner… and just so you know what to expect, the briefing is just going to be right inside of the (describe building/setting/expectations/parking/lunch fees) …so when you get there just as for the LegalShield business orientation and tell them ___________ invited you over there as a guest!

Now do you have any other questions at all about that time or location?

Ok great… well we look forward to having you there…because this overview will be covering everything...and I mean, it will certainly be very enthusiastic…so you’ll be able to take some notes and enjoy the briefing. After you’ve attended the briefing, call me so that I we can answer any additional questions you still have about getting started…fair enough? Ok great _______, it was great talking to you… have a great day and we hope you make out there to (location) on (day) morning/afternoon/evening.

Always tell them who to look for and what to expect. If you are meeting them yourself, tell them what you look like if meeting them in a public place.

(For corporate meetings)
When you get there, you will be greeted and you’ll also be asked to sign in as a guest and they will ask who invited you. Put my name and number there and keep in mind, the dress is business casual and you want to have a way to take notes. When you’re done, get back in touch with me so we can talk about the details.


You may vary the script to fit the event you are promoting whether it’s
A corporate event or simply a one on one sit down briefing in your home or at a local restaurant or coffee shop or anywhere really…!!!! A restaurant, hotel, the beach…the lake, the park…really indoors is best obviously because you can control the setting and weather’s not an issue, but this is just to give you an idea of simple this is!

Make them aware of the setting, what to look for etc.
Give address INCLUDING major cross streets
Optional: Attempt to get email address
Ask them to bring a pen and paper and dress business casual

Use email and text and voice messages as reminders and confirmations for prospects so they don’t forget!

(Tell them to sign in as a guest and to put your name down as the one who invited them. Tell them who to look for and describe them)

(Repeat time and location and make the call memorable with something like a unique joke or way of saying something.)

(You want them to have the prospect to write down all information you might give them, like name of person they will be meeting, any recorded or conference call numbers, websites or anything else…think of that paper they’re writing on as your business card.)

(Tell them to bring anyone who’s sharp and might want to make some money too.)

(Relate with them on a personal level, become their friends.)

(Sound upbeat, excited and enthusiastic. SMILE while talking on the phone…TRUST ME IT WORKS.)

(Remember DO NOT attempt to explain things over the phone, your goal should just be to get them to visit with you and/or your upline.)

Remember the priorities in order whenever possible…first, try to set a an appointment
for them to meet you either at a corporate meeting in your area, or a small group or one sit down with you and/or your upline, the chances of them becoming a customer or partner is much higher when they meet you.

If they can’t meet you, use another 3rd party tool to explain the program for you AND follow up to make sure they reviewed the info and ask what they thought about it. Keep it simple!!

Third party tools include a direct, live 3 way call with your upline or another associate in your company or you can walk them through a website with a video by just asking if they happen to be near a computer… you more you walk them through something the better, make sure they go to your website.

More tools include a live conference call presentation or a recorded sizzle message they can hear over the phone. Be sure to do a friendly follow up to make sure they got to review the info and ask what they thought about it…and then help them get started any way reasonably possible…there is nothing more important than another warm body with desire on you marketing team. Help them, they will help you!


Calling On All Business Associates

I'm calling on all associates at all levels of business who are serious about growing their business NOW!!

I'm calling on those who are serious about success and don't want to play around

I can't make you want to learn and work this business!

I can't make you be coachable and willing to listen and willing to make contacts and do invites

I can't force you to give up the ineffective marketing methods that so many business marketers 
in so many businesses do...

All I can do is try to show you a better way and hope that you are persuaded to become 
teachable, open, team oriented and focused!!

If that's you... I'm looking for that team oriented associate who is willing to:

1. Build our marketing list by prospecting and gathering more data like names, numbers and email addresses from people who are open to more information at least to some degree.

2. Make more appointments/invitations to live business briefings with you and/or any associate in the business willing to do presentations for you such as someone in your upline

3. Do presentations/briefings/sit downs/small group presentations/flip chart/video/conversational/conference call or other form of presentation that can be as short as 15 minutes all the way up an hour or more depending on your style

4. Following up with and helping people who want to get started to simply fill out their applications.

5. Make money!!!

6. Train new associates on how to do the first five steps... hold their hand and help them any way you can to simply and effectively do the first five steps!

Call me to talk business

Micah Carter

Business Briefing Invitation

Print this approach and I suggest using it word for word especially in the beginning

Memorize it... it could be valuable to you!

Don't be afraid to read it word for word to someone over the phone... make a few copies so you always have it handy, one in your car, your home, your can mold the approach to fit your prospect, but in the beginning, you got to master the wheel before you can embellish upon it... are you coachable? Simply follow the script!

Weekly and/or Telephonic Business Briefing Invitation


Yes hello sir/maam,

My name's/this is ____________, I'm a recruiting assistant with a _______ company... and I was calling to ask if maybe you could use an just an extra one to three hundred dollars a week working part time from home?


...and I was just following up to see if perhaps you were still curious about earning some extra income working from home?

Ok great... I just recently got involved in this business project myself as a side project... and it's a VERY SIMPLE business... what we offer is a very simple month to month membership which includes ___________

Once again, my name is _________ ...and this even though it's part time, it is a big project... so m
y job is just to let you know that I will be sitting down (OR I have an expert who will be sitting down) a couple of times this week to explain the project to people in the local area... this would be a chance to hear all the information like what exactly is included in these services/products as well as exactly what the business side is all about...such as how you get paid etc...  and we'd invite you to simply join us and listen in as a guest...?!?!

(Pause and wait for reply...ignore most objections and attempt to invite to give them the details to the best fitting time and location... if they are still resistant, skip to the bottom and invite them to hear a call or webinar) 

Well... if you have a pen and a paper handy, I can give you the information on that...

Ok great, now like I said, this briefing will be fairly short and it will have a lot of information, in fact, you'll want to bring a notepad... now I have a time available where me and/or my associate(s) will be going over the details on (day morn/nood/eve) in the area/city of __________and then again one other time on 
(day morn/nood/eve)...   which one of those would be more convenient for you?

Ok great, so then we'll mark you down for
(General time and location i.e. Thurs evening of this week)...and like I said, you'll just be sitting in to listen as a guest only...  the time of the overview will be right at (i.e. 7:15 pm)... this will give you enough time to simply sign in as a guest...  and remember to mention my name when you get there and we'll make sure there's at least a couple of extra seats open for you in case you're bringing a friend... 

Now ___________ the actual street address is _____________ and it's right there in the city/area of __________ near the landmark/intersection of ____________...  perhaps you're familiar with the area?! Ok then it should be easy enough to find... OR OK then hopefully you'll be able to google or mapquest it ok?!

(Try to get them visually familiar with the time and location of the overview so that things go smooth when they are getting to your briefing) 

Ok great, now as I was saying, the briefing is business casual and will begin right at _________ sharp and __________, just so you know what to expect, it's just going to be right inside of the ___________ (Stbx coffeehouse/Sheraton Hotel/Denny's Rest etc)

(If you're going to be at the briefing or you're the one they are meeting at the location, then describe yourself a little and what you'll likely be wearing)

I want you to feel welcome when you get there... so once again, tell them you're a guest of _____________...  and this briefing will be pretty powerful, so you're gonna get a ton of great info about the business...but please take my number down in case there are more questions afterwards, you'll be able to reach me right here, my number is ____________....

So you have the information on the briefing, do you have any questions about that time or location?

Ok great, sounds exciting, it will be great to have you as a guest and I also look forward to hearing your feedback afterwards.

Ok so thank you for coming out to see us/me, I'm confident that you'll enjoy it and so we look forward to seeing you out there on (day at time)


For those who can't get to the briefing, our experts have put together a very brief 12 minutes explanation of our business that you can simply listen into right there from the comfort of your own home...
If I go ahead and give you the number for the call, would you listen to it?!

Ok great... 
now _________, if you have a pen and a paper handy, I can go ahead and give you the information/number!

Once again, you know my name is ________... and my direct phone number here is ________!

Now _________, this is actually a very simple business and this 12 minute call I'm giving you is going to explain everything you actually need in order to get you may even want to hear it a couple of times so you have a good understanding of exactly what is included in our programs and what is not as well as what is involved in the business...

The phone number for the call (or website for the webinar) is ____________

This call is a brief orientation of the business opportunity

I invite you to listen to that call, in fact, that call is everything and it's an honer to have you even hear it...I've been getting a great response from that call and I know you're find it has a lot of great information...   how soon do you think you'll be able to hear it?

OK great, then be sure to listen in and write down your questions and you can reach me directly here on my line...  you do have my number written down there as well right?

Remember, if you like what you hear on the call, get back in touch with me here immedi
ately so I can give you a website to look at...  they've set me up with a great website that really explains everything in more detail with visuals and everything... you can get back with me immediately and I can get that link address and send it over to you... that's if you like what you hear on that 12 minute call... otherwise I'll follow up with you before the next training just to make sure you're able to get the website address... sound good?! Ok great...I appreciate you taking my call and I look forward to perhaps working with you.

 that 12 minute call will probably answer most of your questions, I hope you enjoy it and I will look forward to getting you that website address...

MLM Training - How to do a (live or recorded) conference call or presentation

MLM training - Listen, if you're business minded and you want to build a business for the long term and you want to market more of what you got, what you must do is expose your services to more people. You want as many full presentations going on as possible for your product or services. You want as many fresh new prospects as you can and you want to keep and cultivate all personal and business acquaintances you ever encounter:

A. Offer something of value to your base of contacts
B. Build and add to your base of contacts
C. Cultivate and gather info about your contacts
D. Organize your contacts in a contact manager system
E. Communicate with and help them whenever possible!!!

Your business is like a garden, you have to plant and nourish the seeds and then you must be patient to a degree to watch them grow. If you don't plant the seeds today, how can you have the trees tomorrow?

IF YOU KNEW that at least 30% of all prospects who attended one of your events, presentations or demonstrations was going to end up getting involved, then how many people could you get to simply attend the "event" or simply sit down to see the "information"? How many people would you invite? If you invited 50 people, then probably about say 1 out of 5 good invites would actually attend your event or sit down to your presentation. That's 10 new prospects actually attending your event. Wouldn't you agree that if you had 10 new prospects at your next event would create at least probably 3 new customers/partners?

Here's an idea of the kind of marketing message you can get to the people on your list. Just have them visit a message like this for example. I invite you to listen to a Brief audio message on PPL Services. You can use this format for almost any MLM business.

You want to have a simple presentation format such as:

A: Introduction
B. Product/service demonstration (Analytical)
C. Customer testimonial stories (Emotional)
D. Business/opportunity presentation (Analytical)
E. Business associate testimonial stories (Emotional)
F. Top speaker CLOSES!!

Ok look, here's a simple strategy... business is based on quantity of quality exposures with face to face, direct selling by way of a demonstration or presentation of a product, service or business opportunity and this will get even more results when done in groups.

This is why we do what we call Private Business Receptions where we plan a time to meet with potential clients and/or business partners and then once we have simply set a time to meet these people anywhere reasonable and simply follow the presentation format as shown above.

Essentially you and/or your company/associates are simply creating a 'business event' and then you are promoting it.

  • Meeting places could include your home, prospects home, at a coffee shop, a hotel room, lobby or conference room, a restaurant, a personal office, company office or any other place where prospects have the ability to sit down for anywhere from 30-90 minutes...even an outdoors area on a nice day! The main thing is to "Get em there!"
  • Promote your 'event' in many different ways. The most effective way is to invite the people you actually know and see on a daily basis because they are additional warm bodies that you have the strongest influence over. They are your family members, coworkers and other close associations. As your business grows, these will likely end up being of your strongest business partners overall.
  • Invite people to your 'event' using the different forms of communication in a certain order of effectiveness. The most effective form of invitation is done face to face. Then the second most effective is the telephone and the third most effective is the internet and other automated means such as text/email/etc. That being said, the most effective way is in person and that is what you would want to spend the majority of your time doing is inviting people you actually meet face to face on a daily basis, however the phone is a very effective tool for quickly contact a lot of prospects and inviting them out as well. The main thing is to be an effective promoter of your event. To get as many people to come watch your presentation. The main thing is to focus on effectiveness of your promoting ability, to get the maximum number of prospects to actually show up. This involves making, inviting, cultivating, growing and re-inviting your 'list'.
  • As you are contacting your prospects to invite them, make a note of the result of the call. There are different ways to manage your list of prospects, but what you mainly need is the prospects name and phone number to initiate a lead. You can then go on to 'cultivate your list' as a back up to your invitation process.
  • Contact each prospect with your main intention being to invite them to your live business briefing but if they can't or won't attend your event, as a back up, you can cultivate the prospect by say asking for an mailing address and/or email address where you can maybe just send some free information they can take a look at and call you back if they change their mind. This will allow you to communicate with prospects through a different medium such as a mail out or auto-responder email campaign.
  •  As your group grows, have new business partners switch off doing parts of the presentation to add credibility and create a team environment.
mlm training

How to ask for the sale

How to ask for the sale

Want to close more sales and business?

There are many different ways to ask for the sale. The simplest is to ask in a direct manner.

A key point to asking for the order is to plant the proper seeds ahead of time in the prospects mind. It involves your body language, voice inflection and wording in general. You always want to build urgency, not only on behalf of your prospect but on behalf of yourself.

Tips for getting more sales include, but are not limited to:

-Asking effective "yes" questions before actually making the final closing attempt. These sort of questions are keeping the prospects on their toes so that you know they are listening to you and it gets subtle agreement. In other words you close them with each little benefit.

You ask, "Can you see how that would make your job of cleaning easier?",
"You would use something like that if you had it, right?",
"Surely you'd agree it would be worth $2-3 dollars a day to actually have that benefit, wouldn't it?"

When you see you are getting a positive response which should be almost always, then you say:

"Now IF it was affordable, is this something you'd like to drive around in/clean with/take home with you today?"

...and just by asking that simple questions about halfway through your presentation or demo, you actually get the prospect to really start evaluating the idea of buying the product or service. If you never ask this simple question, you will be doomed to wait to the final close after a perhaps lengthy presentation to see how they would really respond to being closed.

-Building urgency by having a personal business contest or goal for instance, that you are trying to qualify for as a strong reason to ask for the sale. This gives you a good reason for say adjusting terms or pricing for gives you a good reason to ask for the order in general.

-Be enthusiastic, the more the prospect is smiling and upbeat, the more likely they are to do business with you.

-Use trial closes. Say something like, "We can have that car inspected and ready to drive off the lot by this afternoon, in order to get that done, all we would need to start with is just to make a copy of your drivers license...??!!"

(Hold hands up as if you're holding a drivers license, using your body language to urge them to give you the drivers license so that you can make a copy and start the paperwork.)

There are many different versions of a trial close....if they pull out their license, you have made the sale...!

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